Inov-8 TerraUltra G260

I'm a massive Vibram FiveFinger fan. But after doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and 50K on "The Ridgeway" trail. I thought it might be worth trying a different way to protect my feet over long distances or rocky terrain.  Don't worry I'll still be running everything except long distance and rocky terrain in my #vff... Continue Reading →

My First Tough Mudder

Anyone that has previously done a Tough Mudder may be familiar with the usual "joke" in the starting pen when the MC says "How many of you are here because your friends made you do it" I firmly raised my hand high. It was relatively last minute when my at the time colleague, mate &... Continue Reading →

Race to the Stones 2018

We woke up at ugly o’clock again to start our Race to Stones adventure. However, on the way, we needed to make an emergency stop at the services... little did we know, this was going to be the theme for the weekend!! We exited the car with much trepidation, what have we signed up for?!... Continue Reading →

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

Now that the dust has settled on the weekend and I am able to walk again without wincing from the significant pain in my sorry feet.  The Yorkshire three peaks was certainly a challenge. I was confident that I could handle the distance, the elevation was going to be "interesting" but I was pretty sure... Continue Reading →

I’ll grab a quick bite on the way…

Working in and around the bustling metropolis that is London you quickly realise that everything is happening at a tremendously fast pace and no-one has time for anything it would seem.  There is a Pret on every corner and come lunchtime everyone flocks out to grab that quick bite to eat on the way to... Continue Reading →

Tough Mudder 12th May 2012

For some reason, I thought that it would be a good idea to do a Tough Mudder for my 35th birthday.  I'd seen an advert for it on Facebook and thought this looks like some good clean wholesome fun. 

Vibram Five Fingers

This is a subject that has caused much debate in the running and fitness community.  Before I started out on my toe shoe journey/ obsession, I did a fair amount of reading, there is a huge amount of material available on the subject, like huge amounts!  I'll leave you to research it for yourself if... Continue Reading →

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