Inov8 Mudclaw 300 Review

So as the new OCR season is hurtling towards me like a Shinkansen that’s gone loco I thought it time to replace my tried and trusted Merrell All Out Crush which had lasted me two years, 18 full Tough Mudders, 2 Half’s and many a walking mile plus training mileage which I ‘donated’ to the drop spot after the final Tough Mudder last September.

I had toyed with the idea of going for a pair of Vibrams after seeing Pabs, Tom Kris and Jess smash out a TM with relative ease bar a few slips on wet grass for Tom and stones in between toes for Pabs I have even purchased some KSO EVO for training and general day to day after Jess recommended them to alleviate knee issues which I have suffered with in the past. I’ve used these an awful lot for road running and unless something better comes into my life, I’ll be wearing them when I attempt Berlin Marathon in September this year.

Pabs had been invited to test and review a pair of Inov-8 TerraUltra G260 and after hearing his rave reviews and seeing him crush every obstacle that came in his path I decided to have a look at their range myself.

After much scrutiny, by which I mean looking at a few reviews and sorting by Price – Lowest to Highest, I went for the Mudclaw 300’s. They’ve an 8mm lug depth, which in my opinion is insane and have a mid/high sticky sole compound which I can attest sticks to everything I’ve walked on so far. It even makes a cool sound like octopus suckers popping off as you walk along the road 😂

I’ve only been able to go on two runs along a trail in them so far and I’m blown away by them already. The tread is quick to clear the mud away so each step is assured to sink into the mud and give you all the grip as the very first one you took. They’re naturally water resistant, until I fail on Funky Monkey and swim across I’m not anticipating any cold wet toes which is always nice.

I’m glad to say that when I first popped them on and went out on my run around Ogden Water in Halifax, there was no discomfort or pinching. No return of any knee issues, no return of a random Achilles injury I had midway through an event last year and no fear of where I was placing my foot as I would in my Vibrams.

I’m incredibly impressed with what I’ve felt and seen of them so far and hope that this trend continues with no quality issues similar to Pabs. That being said, after hearing about his experience with their customer service department, there will be no issue with replacement or similar.

Murray Out

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