I’ll grab a quick bite on the way…

Working in and around the bustling metropolis that is London you quickly realise that everything is happening at a tremendously fast pace and no-one has time for anything it would seem.  There is a Pret on every corner and come lunchtime everyone flocks out to grab that quick bite to eat on the way to... Continue Reading →

Tough Mudder 12th May 2012

For some reason, I thought that it would be a good idea to do a Tough Mudder for my 35th birthday.  I'd seen an advert for it on Facebook and thought this looks like some good clean wholesome fun. 

Vibram Five Fingers

This is a subject that has caused much debate in the running and fitness community.  Before I started out on my toe shoe journey/ obsession, I did a fair amount of reading, there is a huge amount of material available on the subject, like huge amounts!  I'll leave you to research it for yourself if... Continue Reading →

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